Artist behind new Evelynn splash art reveals alternative art options

The artist gave a behind-the-scenes look into how League splash art is created.
11 hours agoLoL

Fnatic pick up two vital victories on day three of the play-in stage at Worlds

1907 Fenerbahce have taken a commanding lead in their group.
14 hours agoLoL

YouTuber uses a steering wheel and pedals to play League of Legends

That's one way to keep things interesting.
14 hours agoLoL

PSG enters Rocket League

Will this team continue their winning form?
2 days agoRL

The best micro SDs for the Nintendo Switch

Which ones will help you expand your library?
4 days agoGeneral

Can Fnatic make it out of the play-in stage at Worlds?

Fnatic have a lot of work on their hands.
5 days agoLoL

SKT take a break from Summoner's Rift to be shopping channel hosts

Is Faker eyeing his future profession?
5 days agoLoL

Niantic is hosting a new event for Pokemon Go

Celebrate the Equinox on your mobile device
6 days agoGeneral

Redditgifts is hosting a League of Legends Secret Santa event

Players can exchange gifts around the world with fellow Summoners.
6 days agoLoL