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Here's the schedule for the 2017 Summer Split of the EU LCS

Find out when your favorite European League of Legends team is playing this summer.
10 hours agoLoL

Faker is the first League of Legends player to earn over $1 million in prize money

The LCK superstar is rolling in the dough after the Mid-Season Invitational.
11 hours agoLoL

NiP CEO: We simply did not have room for all the Fnatic Academy members

Hicham Chahine weighs in on the organization's return to the EU LCS.
2 days agoLoL

EU LCS Summer Split groups revealed

A similar setup as the Spring Split.
2 days agoLoL

League champion and skin sales: May 26 to 29

Top lane champions spring into action.
3 days agoLoL

Five players to watch in the EU LCS Summer Split

Europe prepares for Worlds.
3 days agoLoL

Goldenglue returns to Liquid's starting roster

Piglet will move back to the ADC role.
4 days agoLoL

Untara joins SKT

Profit's replacement has been decided.
4 days agoLoL

The best League of Legends cosplays ever made

Let's take a look at the best talent from the cosplay community.
5 days agoLoL

Kubz: All I've wanted to do is get back into the LCS, and that got taken away from me

Things got emotional on the former Fnatic Academy head coach's stream last night.
5 days agoLoL