Adult Gohan, Gotenks, and Kid Buu are the next characters to join Dragon Ball FighterZ

There are now 20 characters confirmed for the game overall.
19 hours agoFGC

What are the differences between Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon?

A lot has changed in a year. But what exactly is different in the new games?
21 hours agoGeneral

Here's how to get the I Choose You Cap Pikachu in Ultra Sun and Moon without seeing the movie

The seventh and final Cap Pikachu makes an appearance.
a day agoGeneral

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon's Rockruff event is now live

This is the only way you will be able to get Dusk Form Lycanroc.
2 days agoGeneral

The ARMS 4.0 update adds a new fighter, stage, and weapons

Nintendo finally reveal the man behind the mask—Misango.
2 days agoFGC

Pokkén Tournament DX’s first major update is out now

Online team battles, a replay feature, and tweaks have been added to the game.
3 days agoFGC

A new EXP grinding method might have been found in Ultra Sun and Moon

Chansey and Blissey have come to assist you.
3 days agoGeneral