Joe Tortorice

A series as amazing as their sweaters: RunAway makes it to the finals

RunAway took on LW Blue for a shot at the finals and the series exploded with action with both teams looking spectacular.
3 days agoOverwatch

EU and NA Overwatch teams enter the PIT

Overwatch PIT will host an NA and EU tournament to determine the top teams in the West
5 days agoOverwatch

Bring out the brooms: NA CS Spring 2017 Semifinals Recap

Four teams took part in the semifinal series of the NA CS playoffs, but only two remain.
17 days agoLoL

Under any name, LG Evil dominates: Overwatch Carbon Series Week 3 Recap

After the third week of play, teams have played at least one series against each opponent.
17 days agoOverwatch

Duck, Duck, Goose: Week 6 LoL Pick and Ban Trends

Find out what champions the major regions are selecting and which ones they ban out.
18 days agoLoL

Four teams fight for promotion: NA CS 2017 Spring Split Playoffs Preview

Four teams will battle it out for a spot in the promotion tournament and a shot at the LCS.
19 days agoLoL

Hammers Esports acquires new Overwatch roster

The Hammers Esports roster recently left for Luminosity Gaming, and the organization has now acquired The Chavs to replace them
20 days agoOverwatch

Luminosity Gaming acquires a second Overwatch roster

Luminosity Gaming has acquired Hammers Esports Overwatch roster.
21 days agoOverwatch

C9 and TSM clinch playoff spots: NA LCS Week 6, Day 3 Recap

Team SoloMid and Cloud9 stepped up to the plate, while the bottom dwellers stirred.
21 days agoLoL

Schalke Goes Undefeated: EU CS Week 6 Recap

Four teams qualified for the playoffs and a chance for promotion, while two will have to fight for their spot in the Challenger Series.
22 days agoLoL