You can launch a prowler out of a Gravity Cannon on Storm Point

It's raining cats and vicious dinosaur dogs.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The addition of Gravity Cannons to Apex Legends with its newest map, Storm Point, has led players to test and stretch the outermost limits of this new form of transportation around the dangerous island setting. Mostly, players have been trying to figure out how the cannons interact with legend movement abilities to see how they can coax different possibilities from the cannons. 

One player, however, found a wholly unique way to use them: air-mailing a prowler.

While plenty of things on Storm Point, like the trident hover vehicles, either can’t enter a Gravity Cannon or are seemingly unaffected by them, Reddit user notveryuniquename101 discovered that Storm Point’s AI wildlife can. When getting into a fight at a prowler nest next to a Gravity Cannon, the player punched a prowler onto the cannon and then stepped on it with them. Presto, you’ve got yourself a flying prowler.

It’s almost certain that the prowlers won’t enter a Gravity Cannon by themselves and it looks like they might not even activate the Gravity Cannon by their presence alone if they’re punched onto one, either. The player and the prowler were launched at the exact same time and the prowler veered far off the player’s course, suggesting they were both launched at the moment the player punched the prowler again. All of that means this interaction is probably closer to a bug than something the developers envisioned being possible when they launched the map.

Still, the first player who proves they launched a prowler out of a Gravity Cannon and landed it on an enemy player’s head will officially win Storm Point. Those are the rules.