Xbox-exclusive Octane skin for Apex Legends leaked

The adrenaline junkie is getting a new cosmetic.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Xbox players have been wondering when they’d get access to exclusive Apex Legends content—and it may be coming sooner than they think.

Data miner and Apex theorist FrozenFroh showed the community a render of what may be an Xbox-exclusive Octane skin.

The skin, which has Octane donning a green and black outfit, stays true to Xbox’s color scheme. The cosmetic also features some intricate tribal patterns on Octane’s armor and on his tattoos.

The exclusive skin would be a first for Xbox. PlayStation, however, received an entire pack that included skins and banner frames for Wraith and Caustic. The PlayStation Plus Play Pack also delivered unique skins for the Peacekeeper shotgun and the Hemlock assault rifle.

Although the Octane skin is the only exclusive cosmetic leaked so far, Xbox and Respawn’s partnership will most likely follow PlayStation’s example, doling out multiple items.

It seems Respawn has been showering the lovable daredevil with content. Octane already received a legendary Jade Tiger skin in season two’s Battle Pass, while also getting his very own Twitch Prime skin.

Image via Twitch

The Iron Crown patch also introduced Octane’s Town Takeover, which replaced an area on Kings Canyon with launch pads and a ring of fire.

Since Respawn hasn’t released any information on the leaked cosmetic, eager Xbox players will just have to wait patiently.