Wraith player saves ally with last-second portal kidnap

Now you see me, now you don't.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Wraith kidnapping in Apex Legends doesn’t always have to be used on an enemy. A player demonstrated a creative use for the Interdimensional Skirmisher’s ultimate: saving an ally from certain death with less than 10 seconds to spare.

A Reddit video shows a Wraith player executing a bold rescue in Kings Canyon. They were in one of the entrances to Market while one of their downed teammates was nearby and with less than 30 seconds on the revive timer. The Wraith player started using their rift to bring their teammate to relative safety but encountered an enemy squad en route to their fallen squadmate.


Instead of falling back, the player used Wraith’s tactical ability to close the distance while invisible and invulnerable, then triggered the portal again to activate it on top of their downed squad member. The rift sent the Octane back to the entrance to Market, and Wraith followed shortly.

The enemy team didn’t rush behind them immediately, which gave Wraith enough time to close a blast door and get Octane back on his feet—with just seven seconds to spare.

Wraith kidnapping is a fairly common technique that involves placing the portal on top of an enemy so that they get teleported instantly. The rest of the team will be on the other side of the rift, guns in hand and ready to take out anyone that comes out. It’s rarely used on allies, but if used properly, it can help save an ally from the fiercest enemies, as the clip shows.