When is Apex’s season 12 ranked split?

Is it time for Kings Canyon yet?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It might be hard to believe, but we’re already halfway through season 12 of Apex Legends.

For many players, the halfway point marks one of the most important parts of a season because of the rank split. When a rank split occurs, players’ ranks are reset to lower levels and a new map enters the ranked rotation, giving players another chance to climb the ladder toward Predator.

Season 12, which started back in February, brought a lot of big changes to the beloved battle royale. Players were introduced to Mad Maggie, a rebel warlord with a bloodstained past, and Control, a new nine-vs-nine mode that has quickly become one of the community’s most-loved ways to play. For the first half of the season, Olympus was the ranked map du jour, allowing players to explore a new POI and redesigned fields while they fought for RP.

When is the season 12 ranked split?

Apex’s season 12 ranked split will occur on Tuesday, April 5. Although Respawn hasn’t shared a specific time that the split will happen, it will most likely be around 12pm CT, which is when most updates and patches have historically gone live. The in-game counter that shows how long there is until the next ranked map is available also provides a hint to this: It seems as though the countdown will end at 12pm CT tomorrow.

When the ranked split goes live, players’ ranks will be reset to lower levels, meaning everyone will need to fight their way back up the ranked ladder once again. The map this time around will be Kings Canyon, which hasn’t seen ranked play in a while. All other map rotations will remain the same: Olympus, Storm Point, and Kings Canyon will all be in rotation for pubs.

The rank reset does not apply to Arenas. Arenas ranks are not reset until the start of a new season, which means players won’t need to play another 10 placement matches until the beginning of season 13. Arenas ranks will stay the same when the split occurs.