What’s the release date and time for Apex Legends’ solo mode?

It's just a test for now.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are finally getting their long-requested solo mode soon. Respawn announced it last week along with the limited-time event Iron Crown, and the company confirmed the solo mode is still a test for now.

Apex’s solo mode will be released today, Aug. 13, along with the Iron Crown update. It’ll be available until Aug. 27 when the event and the test ends. Respawn said that despite this being a limited-time solo mode, that doesn’t mean players will never see it again when the event ends. If it works for the company and its player base, it might come back shortly after or be implemented as a new game mode.

The update is set to be available at 12pm CT today. That’s when players expect to see the patch notes as well. These will feature all of the information about the new solo mode, such as if players will be able to select any character from the Apex roster or if Respawn is adding a twist to the game’s solo mode.

Despite the mode not being live yet, players and streamers have already commented on their expectations for it. Star streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek said the new mode won’t be as successful as people think because Respawn likely won’t balance the characters’ abilities for it, so players will hate it and go back to playing standard trios.

But Fortnite players who played Apex in the past are hopeful that the mode will work. Some are frustrated with the current state of Fortnite due to an overpowered vehicle that Epic added when season X started, and they’ve started a campaign to boycott Fortnite as soon as Apex’s solo mode releases. Even though they don’t have support from big players or streamers, Respawn might see an increase in its player base if more unknown players agree with them.

Respawn has yet to reveal details about Apex’s solo test.