When is Apex Legends season 13, split 2?

"Primal split."

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season 13 will have two splits, and the transition from the first split to the second one will be slightly different than a season reset.

While a season reset helps keep the game fresh and competitive for most players, the split essentially means that players will have less time to grind toward the higher ranks. When the second split goes live, players will see the following changes:

  • Apex players’ ranks will decrease by six tiers.
    • This value was eight for regular seasonal resets.
  • Apex players will pay an entry cost of 10 RP to play ranked matches for all tiers.
    • This value was varied based on tiers before, and it costs the following amounts to play ranked for each tier.
    • Bronze: 15 to 24 RP, Silver: 27 to 36 RP, Gold 39 to 48 RP, Platinum 51 to 60 RP, Diamond: 63 to 72 RP, Master: 75 RP and more depending on RP thresholds.
  • Kill values will change and players will receive more points when they kill seven to 12 players. The value of the first six kills remains the same.
  • A player’s highest rank in a split will decide their end-of-the-season reward. Season 13 features the following rewards.
    • Ranked Icon
    • Ranked Icon Gun Charm
    • Diamond Dive Trail – Rewarded to Diamond-ranked players
    • Masters Dive Trail – Rewarded to Masters-ranked players
    • Predator Dive Trail – Rewarded to Apex Predators

When will Apex season 13, split 2 start?

Apex season 13, split two will start on June 28. End-of-season rewards will be distributed to players when the second split concludes. Even if you achieve your highest rank during the first split, you’ll receive the rewards for it at the end of the second split.