When does Control return to Apex Legends?

It's Apex meets Battlefield.

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Apex Legends’ Control mode was first launched in the shooter in season 12, bringing a larger-scale approach to the game. Instead of the usual three-vs-three format, Control has two teams of nine players battling out against each other, bringing a Battlefield-esque experience to Apex.

In addition to the higher player count, Control offers a series of other tweaks that make it far more fast-paced and dynamic than other game modes. Respawns and base healing items are infinite, meaning players can die and have a short window to get back to the fight or pop some heals without worrying about running out of them.

The nine-vs-nine format opens up strategies that aren’t possible in other modes. Since players group in three squads of three, a team can have multiple copies of a single legend, and impromptu assaults with two Octanes or defenses with three Gibraltars or Caustics can add to the flavor of the mode.

Control also offers a series of preset loadouts based on playstyle, which bring rotating options across different ranges. Players can opt for an up-close setup with an SMG and a shotgun or take a marksman rifle and an SMG depending on the flavor of the day. Loadout selections switch regularly, so if your least favorite weapon is on your favorite loadout, you can wait it out.

The mode was released to acclaim by the community in season 12. Though at its launch the mode was only available for three weeks, Respawn Entertainment said the limited-time mode could eventually become a permanent addition to the title. Since then, players have been eagerly waiting to jump into the game mode again.

When is Control coming back to Apex Legends?

Control is coming back to Apex in the mystical Spellbound collection event, which runs from Jan. 10 to 24. This means players have two weeks to enjoy the game mode with some tweaks that will be deployed alongside the midseason patch.

Starting with the Spellbound event, Respawn is also making some changes to Control. Players can join a match before a team reaches 625 points or creates a score difference of 300 points, and players who do enter in the middle of a match of Control will get some bonuses. Respawn is also tweaking the loadouts “based on weapon meta changes,” meaning players might see a different selection of guns up for grabs.

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