When does Apex Legends’ Grand Soirée Arcade Event end?

The event kicks off next week.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans will be able to enjoy a fancy night out from the comfort of their home.

The classy Grand Soirée Arcade Event kicks off Jan. 14, promising tons of new content and game modes. A rotating limited-time playlist will keep things interesting and fancy cosmetics can help fans feel snazzy while playing in their pajamas.

When does the Grand Soirée event end?

The Grand Soirée event ends Jan. 28, according to the Apex website. Though fans can expect the event to conclude on that date, Respawn has extended events in the past.

What can we expect from the two-week event?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Seven unique game modes enter the Outlands, each showcasing a completely different playstyle. The shotgun and sniper only mode, Armed and Dangerous, will make its 2020 return, but a myriad of other game types will debut.

Duos mode is back, but with a twist. Players will find only gold weapons across the entire map. A third-person mode finally makes its way to the battle royale, despite plenty of glitches that hinted at it over the last few months. And Kings Canyon is back in a night-time showdown.

Fans who wonder what Pathfinder would look like with facial hair may finally have their question answered. New legendary skins are introduced, including one for the mustached robot, as well as a few $5 skins that can be purchased in the store.