What time does Apex’s Duos end today?

The ring is closing on the limited-time mode.

Image via EA.

Apex Legends players were clamoring for a Duos mode since the title’s release in February, and Respawn Entertainment delivered. Patch 3.1 made Duos a reality—though a short-lived one.

Respawn didn’t add Duos as a permanent mode, but instead, introduced it as a limited-time novelty. Apex held a myriad of temporary game modes and events, including a solos feature that pitted lone wolves against each other and the frightening Halloween-themed Shadowfall where dead legends respawned as zombies.

Community fervor for the Duos mode didn’t stifle concerns that the two-man squad format would make firefights more rarified. That was doubly true when the new map, World’s Edge, was unveiled at the beginning of season three. It’s considerably larger than its predecessor and has more open room to traverse. The solution Respawn found was to maintain the 60-player population, dividing legends into 30 duos rather than 20 trios.

When does Duos LTM end?

Apex’s latest official Twitter announcement shows the end date of Duos is Nov. 19, but it didn’t set a precise timeframe. But it’s possible to take an educated guess based on previous events.

The game’s updates have dropped consistently around 12pm CT. The latest limited-time event, Fight or Fright, ran a double XP weekend starting at 12pm CT on Friday and ending at 12pm CT on Monday, according to Respawn. It’s safe to expect that the Duos mode will follow the same schedule and end at 12pm CT.

Players who want to take a final stab at Duos should gear up and hurry. While it’s certainly possible that a doubles mode could return in the future, there’s no short-term estimate for a comeback.