Voting for the Apex Legends Community Awards begins today

Don’t forget to vote.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

All entries for the Apex Legends art challenge have been submitted for the subreddit’s Community Awards feature and voting begins today.

A moderator of the Apex subreddit explained the voting rules in a Reddit post. “In every comment there’s a unique imgur link with a brief description,” the moderator said. “If you like what you see, upvote the comment containing the link. All comments order will be randomized and comment score will be hidden.”

The usernames of the top seven contributions will be the winners of the competition. The winners’ images will be used as the rewards that are given out for top comments and posts, much like Gold-style medals on traditional subreddits.

Although there’s no way to tell which contributions are in the lead or who they belong to, here are some images that might be your new flair.

“Gold Backpack” | Image via Apex subreddit
“Apex Redditor” | Image via Apex subreddit
“Headshot” | Image via Apex subreddit

The idea behind the Community Awards feature is to allow subreddits to use content specific to the thread’s culture as medals and unique flairs. This way, instead of seeing a gold medal on your insightful comments, you might see a Golden Mozambique icon.

Voting for the Community Awards challenge ends on Thursday, Aug. 1 at 1am CT. The winners will be announced a day or two later.