TSM Albralelie pulls off impressive Pathfinder grapple to surprise enemy team in Apex

Who says Pathfinder needs a buff?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

TSM Albralelie surprised an enemy team yesterday by using Pathfinder’s grapple in Apex Legends to launch himself over a mountain.

Albralelie was in an intense final circle with his teammates, TSM Reps and TSM ImperialHal. The last enemy team was on the opposite side of a mountain and there was only one path to the other side, which they were covering. Albralelie decided to try to launch himself over the obstacle with Pathfinder’s grapple to surprise the team and turn the tides of the fight. 

The grapple successfully attached to the mountain and Albralelie was able to launch himself to the other side toward the unsuspecting enemies. He told his teammates to push at the same time to hit the enemies from both sides. Albralelie landed in the middle of three players and proceeded to deal massive damage. 

Albralelie immediately landed three shots on the enemy Gibraltar with a Peacekeeper shotgun, which lowered their health significantly. ImperialHal knocked down the injured enemy, which allowed both players to focus on the two remaining opponents. 

Reps was engaging the last two players who were overwhelmed by the surprise attack. They couldn’t counter the push and the TSM squad eliminated them with ease. Albralelie’s quick thinking and impressive grapple skills helped them avoid an intense fight that could have gone either way. 

TSM Albralelie is a talented Apex player who’s considered one of the best Pathfinders in the world. The grapple play in this clip is impressive to most players, but a lot of fans pointed out that it’s just another game for the TSM squad.