Today’s Apex Legends patch temporarily reduces ranked matchmaking penalty across all platforms

Thank you, Respawn.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The majority of the Apex Legends community was thrilled at the strict penalty being imposed on leavers in season four—until it started happening to them.

Respawn rolled out a patch today that will temporarily reduce the matchmaking penalty for Ranked queues across all platforms. The delay before being able to start a new game will now cap at 10 minutes. The update also includes a bit of “housekeeping” for PlayStation 4 players, likely related to bugs and glitches.

A quick “penalty” search on the Apex subreddit reveals an exorbitant amount of complaints regarding players being punished for unjust reasons. Several players claim they received a penalty when backing out of a lobby after their own teammate left. Others say they’re being punished for the game’s poor optimization and frequent crashing.

One poor soul even received a 1,700-minute delay after constant game crashes, adding up to over 28 hours.

It appears the complaints didn’t fall on deaf ears, however. Respawn’s temporary fix hopes to quell frustration until the developers can decrease the number of disconnects.

Unfair penalties aside, Apex now features the romantic Valentine’s Day Rendezvous Event. Players can jump into the Duos action with their significant other, soulmate, best friend, or a random stranger.

The amorous event is live and ends on Feb. 19.