This Apex Legends Bloodhound cosplay is almost perfect

All they need is a real-life Artur.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

One person’s in-progress Bloodhound cosplay is well on its way to perfection.

Reddit user and new cosplayer astronautgecko created the outfit themselves, which included the painstaking process of sculpting and painting the helmet and body armor. In the comments, they mentioned that this is their first time cosplaying and “foamsmithing,” or working with foam to create lightweight imitations of armor. Not everything was made by hand, though. They used firm grip gloves to imitate Bloodhound’s own gloves.

Even though the cosplay isn’t quite finished yet, astronautgecko received many glowing comments on Reddit. Some fans asked for tips and tricks, which astronautgecko was happy to share. (They recommend finding templates online for complicated designs like Bloodhound’s helmet and scouring Goodwill for cheap, used clothing that can be repurposed.) One fan even wanted to buy astronautgecko’s ax, which they made by hand with EVA foam, a popular choice for cosplayers.

Astronautgecko’s design joins the legions of cosplayers who have already portrayed characters like Wraith and Loba. The complex yet approachable character design of Apex Legends invites recreation and it’s great to see cosplayers and artists everywhere take up the challenge.

If you’re looking for more progress photos of the cosplay, astronautgecko has a close-up photo of the helmet on their Instagram.