The Broken Ghost: The seventh chapter of Apex Legends’ quest is live

Who could the Shattered Spirit be?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ season quest is coming close to an end. The seventh part of The Broken Ghost is live—and based on how the story is developing, tragedy could come with it.

As usual, this week brings a new hunt and a new story chapter. The sixth hunt, Return to Skull Town, gives players a highly-anticipated return to one of the most popular locations in Kings Canyon, while the story chapter discusses how the legends are trying to assemble the Broken Ghost.

In the previous chapter, The Oblivious Mole, someone hacked into Crypto’s drone (aptly named Hack) and let Revenant control it. The simulacrum used it to threaten the legends and Loba in particular. Bangalore accuses Crypto of being the mole and the former Syndicate engineer faces the distrust of his peers.

The real snitch, however, has been hiding from the legends since the prologue, The Duplicitous Snake. Revenant’s so-called “little friend” tipped the simulacrum off to the legends’ plan and odds are that the mole will continue to get in the way until their identity is exposed.

Bangalore revealed that Loba, who assembled the legends, was working alongside Hammond Robotics to build the artifact in exchange for Revenant’s “source code.” But the crew has decided to build the artifact on their own and stop Hammond from getting its hands on it.

The story of the Broken Ghost is slowly unraveling, with each new chapter bringing unique developments to the narrative. The artifact has started taking shape, too, and it looks close enough to a robotic head, which means whatever the legends are building could be sentient.