The Broken Ghost: The fourth hunt in Apex Legends’ season quest is live

And it does not bode well for Octane.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have a new part of the quest to decipher. The fourth hunt in The Broken Ghost, High Octane, is live alongside a new story chapter.

In High Octane, the legends must dive into Shadowfall’s version of Kings Canyon and hunt for another piece of the artifact that’s guarded by hordes of Prowlers. After completing the hunt, players will have access to another story chapter, called The Impromptu Kidnapper.

The story will likely pick up where last week’s chapter left off. In The Liberated Narc, Revenant revealed to Loba that one of the legends was a snitch. The simulacrum ambushed the characters, including an unconscious Wattson. But Bangalore, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound appeared out of a portal before a physical confrontation actually took place.

After Revenant retreated, Bangalore gave Octane a vexing task: going on another date with Hammond Robotics’ Yoko to get more proof about Loba’s relationship with the company. The legend is clearly displeased with the prospect of sitting out of action and having to endure another date—in pants, nonetheless.

But the Adrenaline Junkie is having none of it. “I didn’t sign up to be a narc,” he rebels to an unconscious Wattson. “I’m going in and I’m not coming out until I have every last piece of Loba’s artifact,” he vows.

Last week’s chapter finishes with a rhetorical “What could possibly go wrong?” Based on the title of chapter four, the Impromptu Kidnapper, a lot can go wrong.

The Broken Ghost is Apex‘s first season-long quest, with a new episode revealed every Tuesday for players who have unlocked it. The quest is divided into hunts and chapters. The first is a short PvE incursion into the Shadowfall version of Kings Canyon, while the latter is a text-based part of the narrative. To jump into the hunts and unlock their rewards, players need to find Treasure Packs scattered over the arenas, a maximum of one per day.