The 3 best team comps for Apex Legends’ upcoming Duos mode

Duos goes live Nov. 5.

Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends fans are excited to try out the battle royale’s limited-time Duos mode, which launches on Nov. 5. But with less than a week to go, players may need some help deciding which team comps will give them the best shot at a victory.

Unique character designs allows for a different take on an increasingly popular genre. But different hitboxes and abilities can create a hierarchy that often puts the smaller, mobile legends at the top. Nonetheless, team chemistry is important and certain characters will coordinate better than others in Apex’s upcoming game mode.

Here are the top-three comps for Apex’s Duos mode.

Pathfinder and Wraith

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Pathfinder and Wraith don’t necessarily synergize well from their kits. But their abilities are simply so powerful that pairing them together makes them a force to be reckoned with.

The duo’s mobility is unrivaled. A well-placed zipline in the high ground can allow the two to pick off opponents with snipers or an assault rifle armed with the Anvil Receiver attachment. Apex’s poster child can also use her ultimate to portal both players into the safety of a hiding spot for healing up or to flank an unsuspecting enemy squad.

And if things ever get dicey, neither legend has to rely on the other to make their escape. The sentient robot can just grapple away, while Wraith phases into oblivion.

Though both of these legends suffer from the Low Profile debuff, which increases the amount of damage they take by five percent, their small hitboxes, flexibility, and mobility more than make up for it.

Gibraltar and Lifeline

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

If Duos mode is a fight for longevity and survival, this combo will take the cake.

Changes to Gibraltar’s Dome Shield allow legends to heal 25 percent when standing inside of it. The Shielded Fortress’ has the Fortified buff as well, which lets him to take 15 percent less damage from enemies. To add another shield to the mix, the Combat Medic’s passive allows her to put an impenetrable barrier up when reviving teammates.

The vast landscape of World’s Edge only benefits this team that can heal up quickly before opposing players can close in. 

Crypto and Mirage

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

It’s fun to pair these two Outlands rivals together for the memes after the season three trailer established a love-hate relationship between them. But their kits can actually create some cool outplays.

Crypto is a scout—plain and simple. His drone gives important intel that can be used to sneak by an unwanted teamfight or carefully plan out an engage. Sending the drone in to EMP an enemy pair will disable all traps, slow your opponents, and wipe out some of their shields. This is a perfect opportunity for the Holographic Trickster to use his ultimate and sneak behind enemy lines, bamboozling his victims before they even know what hit them.