Teleport bug helps Loba player win in Apex Legends

Mirage would be proud of this bamboozle.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A lucky bamboozle in Apex Legends left one player thinking that maybe Loba’s longstanding bugs shouldn’t be fixed after all.

Reddit user Srivo10 shared a short video of a recent match on the Apex subreddit. In the clip, there are two squads left. Left without a teammate thanks to a game crash, Srivo10 is on their own against the two members of the final enemy squad. They hide behind a rock and manage to take down an enemy Caustic as he comes around the corner, which evens the playing field for the ensuing fight.

After the Caustic is downed, Srivo10 tosses their bracelet in an attempt to teleport further into the ring. As they throw it, the Caustic’s Octane teammate comes around the corner and sees them about to teleport. When Srivo10 attempts to teleport, the ability bugs out, preventing them from teleporting. The Octane, however, saw the trail of the bracelet and believed Srivo10 had teleported. They follow it to where Loba should have landed, which gives Srivo10 the chance to shoot them in the back and claim the victory.

Players have been crying out for months about Loba’s bugs, which prevent her from teleporting to her bracelet’s location and make it hard for her to choose a suitable spot of ground to teleport to. Even after bug fixes from Respawn, players are still having issues playing her as intended. Unless you’re as lucky as Srivo10 was, these bugs will often get you killed.

Loba’s teleport is a core part of her kit, so fans are hoping fixes are in the works. In the meantime, we can all appreciate Srivo10’s excellent “use” of the bugs in question.