Respawn wants to “properly fix” Apex Legends’ muzzle flash

The blinding flash when shooting a gun has been a consistent community complaint.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The R-99 is a fast-firing submachine gun and one of the most popular weapons in Apex Legends. It can also blind you when using it.

Apex’s muzzle flash is a consistently controversial topic in parts of the game’s community. Respawn producer Josh Medina announced that the company is looking for a surefire fix to the issue, but that it may take some time.

“Muzzle flash has been a deeper issue than expected,” Medina said. “We are adjusting it so we want to properly fix instead of half ass it but it takes time.” The statement was accompanied by the hashtag “#Soon,” which could indicate that a fix is coming in the near future.

Muzzle flash refers to the light effects after firing a gun. It’s a common part of most shooters, but the amount of visual pollution in Apex can sometimes make it hard to aim. Players armed with weapons that have a high rate of fire, such as the Devotion LMG and the R-99, can quickly find themselves aiming at a bright spot and losing track of their targets.

In-game footage of muzzle flash shows just how frustrating the issue can be. A player armed with an R-99 was unable to see his target after firing a few rounds. The same issue applies to the Devotion LMG.

Muzzle flash has long been the target of criticism from sectors of the Apex community. Based on Medina’s tweet, the company wants to end the issue once and for all, even if it takes some time to get it right.

Apex recently announced its Grand Soiree, a two-week-long event that will feature seven new LTMs on rotation, each lasting two days. The celebration begins on Jan. 14. One of the modes featured is King’s Canyon by Night, which squares players off in a darker version of the game’s first map. But, as a Redditor cheekily put it, “King’s Canyon by night would become King’s Canyon by Day if Muzzle Flash stayed the same.”