Respawn to fix bug that makes players pick incorrect items in supply bins

Picking up by mistake is the main reason why players take Mozambiques.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Picking up the wrong item in Apex Legends’ supply bins is frustratingly common, but that may be short-lived. Apex design director Jason McCord shared on Reddit that Respawn aims to fix an issue that makes looting supply bins inaccurate.  

McCord commented on a Reddit post that presented a particularly drastic instance of the bug. He acknowledged its existence and said only that “we got a fix coming.”

The footage shows issues that can arise when looting supply bins. When trying to pick up items, the object doesn’t necessarily match what’s on the reticle. In this particular case, it shows that although the aim is locked into a box of light rounds, the item card shows a Peacekeeper, which sits one spot on the left. Holding the appropriate button would cause the player to replace their weapon, even if their aim is properly pointed at an ammo box.

The issue can be infuriating even when looting in a safe spot. Accidentally swapping weapons will drop all non-compatible attachments, including barrel mods, magazines, and hop-ups. Undoing the exchange means players have to pick their gear back up off the ground, and can be worrying if it happens in a more fast-paced combat situation.

The supply bin bugs are hardly the only glitch to plague Apex. Respawn recently disabled two Bangalore skins that would make the character appear nearly invisible, with only her head and weaponry visible for players. The bug was easily exploitable and made her significantly harder to hit, giving players an unfair advantage.