Respawn rolls out fix for Apex Legends PC performance issues, patch release for consoles needs “a bit more time”

Respawn devs pulled an all-nighter to fix the issue.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans had high hopes for the battle royale’s new patch, which was scheduled to go live yesterday. But a rocky launch caused PC frame rate drops and delayed the update for console players. Respawn developers are working to fix that, though.

A fix for PC performance issues plaguing the battle royale is now live, according to the official Apex Twitter account. Despite the good news for mouse and keyboard players, Respawn needs “a bit more time” before it can release the patch on consoles.

“Heads up, Legends,” the Apex Twitter said. “A patch to fix the performance issues is live now on PC. Consoles need a bit more time and we’ll provide an ETA for them when we can.”

An unforeseen issue prevented Respawn from pushing the patch live yesterday, but it accidentally launched on PC before the problem could be fixed. Now that devs seem to have fixed the issue on computers, they’ll turn their full attention toward releasing the update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users.

The patching issue seemed quite tedious and forced Respawn developers to pull an all-nighter, according to Apex game director Chad Grenier. Grenier checked in with fans on a Reddit post today, claiming that the team worked “all day and pulled an overnight” to ready the console patch.

Though a time frame for the patch’s launch on console hasn’t been provided yet, the Apex Twitter will likely provide timely updates throughout the day.