Respawn pushes fix for Code:Truck issues in Apex Legends

The issues surfaced after today's event went live.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn pushed a fix to the Code:Truck connectivity error that plagued Apex Legends players over the past hours. The bug forced players to disconnect from their matches and started occuring after the Holo-Day Bash kicked off earlier today.

The EA Help official account confirmed that the issues were fixed, and user reports seem about the issue seem to have dwindled since the announcement.

The Code:Truck error would return players to the starting screen with a message that said “out of sync with the server,” according to user reports. The issue started happening frequently after the addition of the Winter Express game mode.

Developers pushed a small patch alongside the event that would allow players to set down Rampart’s minigun on top of Tridents again after users discovered a bug involving Rampart’s ultimate and Crypto’s drone. It’s possible that this patch could have also interfered with the game mechanics, according to data miner iLootGames. In addition to the hotfix for issues with Sheila, Respawn also “pushed a playlist update” that helped deploy a solution.

This is the second time Apex has experienced connectivity issues in as many days. Players were locked out of the battle royale due to issues with EA services that blocked out access to Origin, EA servers, and Apex in several different regions yesterday. The issue was solved after a few hours.

To compound on the connectivity issues, today marked the return of Apex‘s Holo-Day Bash event, which brought back the popular Winter Express limited-time mode. Players flocked to try the improved version of the LTM and were met with a series of Code:Truck errors mid-match.