Respawn ‘looking into’ rare Apex issue that deletes all cosmetics and unlocks

Reports of the issue are few and far between.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Millions of players have spent their time grinding for cosmetics and legends in Apex Legends—and a small number of them could lose it all due to a rare issue that deletes all items and unlocks in the battle royale.

“Seeing scattered reports about a rare issue causing players to lose all their cosmetics/unlocks in Apex,” said Ryan Rigney, Respawn director of communications. “Team is looking into it, will report back when we know more.” He also said the issue affected “a few players” out of millions and that Respawn would “figure it out.”

Rigney's statement might be related to a recent social media post in which a player reported losing all of his cosmetics and characters after an eight-month deployment. Official support channels replied that the items were gone due to inactivity. Other players, however, pointed out that they had stayed away from Apex longer than the time frame mentioned in the post and still had all of their cosmetics.

Reports of the issue are few and far between, with sometimes months between them. Another user recounted the same experience—losing all progress after a long absence—less than a month ago.

This rare bug is hardly the first time that Apex players have lost their progress. The 1.1 Update in April 2019 also wiped players' slates clean, including their unlocks and levels. But Respawn deployed a hotfix to solve the issue and restored the accounts' states back to where they were at the time of the patch.