Respawn ‘investigating’ bug that only drops 2 items in Apex Packs

Help is on the way.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is investigating a bug that causes Apex Packs to only drop two items instead of the usual three in Apex Legends, according to a tweet from today. The company did not specify a timeline for the fix but said it will keep fans updated through social media.

Apex Packs are Apex‘s take on loot boxes and drop three random cosmetic items upon opening. Packs can grant items of rarities that range from common to Legendary, as well as Crafting Materials and, with a lot of luck, Heirloom Shards. The glitch, however, significantly lowers the rewards from opening these packs.

Respawn said it will provide updates in the original tweet thread while it works on addressing the issue, but hasn’t specified a timeline for the fix or possible compensation for the affected. In the meantime, it might be best to wait to open Apex Packs. 

Earlier this week, Respawn pushed an update that fixed several bugs that impacted the gaming experience for players. This included a bug that un-readied players in ranked queues and an issue that caused the game to occasionally skip the legend selection screen. Although the issues were relatively minor, they could be frustrating to players who had to encounter them regularly. 

Update 5:41pm CT: Respawn identified that the issue was caused by a new Lifeline tracker that was configured to drop early. Affected players will get the tracker and another pack as compensation when Apex‘s season 10 drops. In addition, the glitch doesn’t appear to affect heirloom shards, according to an official tweet.