Respawn fixes price on Apex Legends Pathfinder event charm

The Lovefinder charm is part of the game’s Valentine’s Day event.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends collectors can increase their collection at a reduced price.

Respawn fixed the price on the Pathfinder-themed Lovefinder gun charm today, available in the in-game store for a limited time. The item was accidentally marked up but the company fixed the error after some time on the virtual shelves.

The Lovefinder charm is part of Apex’s Rendezvous collection, themed after Valentine’s Day. It depicts a Cupid-esque Pathfinder with a bow. The tip of the arrow is shaped like a heart and the bow is painted pink. The charm was revealed as costing 700 Apex Coins (close to $7), but it reached the stores going for 1,100 coins instead of the expected price. Some players noticed and asked Respawn about the mishap.

The fix wasn’t a surprise. After a player asked about the price discrepancy, Respawn producer Josh Medina tweeted that the error would likely be corrected today. It’s unclear if players who purchased the item for the marked-up price will receive a refund.

The cosmetic matches the Love of the Game player banner, which shows a cartoon version of Cupid Pathfinder. Players can get both items in the in-game store until Feb. 19, the final day of Apex’s Valentine’s Day-themed Rendezvous event. The limited-time event also brought back the much-anticipated Duos mode for a short-lived stint.

Players can grab the rest of the collection until next Wednesday, Feb. 19. Though Apex events normally end on Tuesdays, technical difficulties forced Respawn to postpone the patch by one day. The company gave players an extra day of the event to make up for the lost time.