Respawn fixes Apex Legends’ battle pass progression reset, gives out one week of double XP

The extra XP will run "until next week's patch."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends‘ battle pass reset issues are no more. Respawn fixed an error that reset players’ stars today and is giving out double experience points as compensation for all the trouble with the battle pass.

A glitch reset players’ progress toward the next battle pass tier when the latest batch of weekly challenges was unlocked earlier today. The issue was likely a collateral effect of changes to the battle pass and the latest patch has fixed the occurrence.

The season seven battle pass has been controversial since its release. Respawn announced a “revamped” and “streamlined” system, with stars replacing the old Challenge Points (CP). Players could earn stars through challenges or by gaining experience. In theory, it meant that progressing through the tiers could be simpler than in the previous season, but the system had the opposite outcome.

The community considered its new model to be “too grindy.” Completing challenges became more important, but the values needed to clear the objectives were skewed and unbalanced. The rewards given out were also insufficient.

Respawn promptly adjusted the formula. Just one day after the battle pass launched, the developers halved the XP cost to obtain stars and there are more tweaks in line for next week—including 10 free levels for all players. The upcoming set of changes should put the difficulty more in line with the old levels in season six.

Today’s patch also shipped an adjustment not related to the battle pass. The Ring will deal greatly increased damage starting from round three, a return to the pre-Ascension levels.