Respawn fixed Mirage’s icon in Apex Legends and it finally looks like him

The previous icon didn’t really do the character justice.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ System Override update brought a series of significant tweaks to the game—and a minor one.

Mirage players can finally take their victory badges out of the closet after Respawn fixed the character icon in the latest update. The new badges contain a more accurate version of the legend instead of using the old art that was introduced when the game launched.

A Reddit post compares the old and new versions of three different badges that contain Mirage’s face: the regular victory badge common to all legends, one from the Iron Crown event, and another from the Legendary Hunt event.

The old art doesn’t really do justice to Mirage’s likeness. Older versions of the badge show a character with spiky hair and boxy glasses and his beard appears to blend into the background. Fans compared it to television host Guy Fieri and the resemblance is understandable.

The new icon, however, has added in Mirage’s hair over the left side of his face and changed the shape of his glasses in the badge, which is closer to his in-game model. It’s considerably more faithful to his likeness.

The old badge wasn’t exactly accurate when compared to Mirage’s in-game appearance, but some people in the community thought that was part of its appeal. Although Respawn has fixed the badge, these fans will still remember the Guy Fieri jokes fondly. The rest of the Mirage players, however, are likely just glad to take the new badges out for a spin once again.