Respawn delays Seer nerf due to ‘issues with the hotfix build’

The nerf drops next week.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players will still have to live with Seer’s iteration for some time. Respawn delayed a balancing patch expected for this week due to problems with the hotfix build, according to Respawn producer Josh Medina.

“Ran into issues with the hotfix build that had seer nerfs, so we gotta fix those issues before you get a seer nerf,” Medina said on Twitter. He did not give any timeline for when the nerf would be arriving.

A large part of the Apex community considers Seer to be overpowered, and Respawn seems to share that view. Respawn’s Travis Nordin, who designed the legend, said that Seer is “probably a bit too strong,” and the company planned to balance the new character this week.

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It’s still unclear what Respawn will change when Seer inevitably goes under the knife, but there’s plenty of knobs to tweak in the Ambush Artist’s kit. His passive and tactical have tremendous range, for instance, and his Focus of Attention deals damage, interrupts healing, and reveals enemies’ locations inside a wide radius.

In addition to Seer, Respawn also adjusted the Prowler SMG and the L-Star, two weapons that came into Apex‘s 10th season with a bit too much bang for the buck. Developers dropped the Prowler’s damage to 14 (down from 15) and raised the price of both the SMG and the LMG in Arenas.

Update Aug. 18 10:15am CT: Seer’s balance adjustments are scheduled for next week, according to Ryan Rigney, Respawn’s director of comms.

Update Aug. 23 1:08pm CT: Seer received nerfs to several elements in his kit.