Respawn ‘actively looking into a fix’ for Apex Legends crashing issues

"Stay tuned for more info as we have it."

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn is investigating the crashing issues that have been plaguing Apex Legends for the past week, the company confirmed today. Respawn said the developers are “actively looking into a fix” and that they’ll share more information in the future.

Crashes became a common scenario after Apex's latest event, Fight Night, went live last week. Players reported a series of connection issues and freezes when playing the game.

In response, Respawn deployed a hotfix that aimed to mitigate the disconnect issues and curb an exploit that allowed players to use their weapons inside the boxing ring in Pathfinder's Town Takeover.

The crashes could have several different triggers, although one of the common denominators appears to be related to the friends list. It's unclear, however, what exactly could cause them to occur.

The hotfix, however, didn't have the desired effect. Players have still reported numerous crashes, freezes, and connectivity problems throughout the event. Streamer Christian "Nokokopuffs" Feliciano reported 23 crashes in a day despite the hotfix, while other content creators also experienced several issues.

In addition to the crashes, some players are experiencing a visual bug that prevents them from seeing their own messages in the text chat—although the text is reportedly sent to teammates.

This isn't the first time Apex players have experienced severe issues. Crashing was common during the early days of the battle royale and could have a series of triggers, including zooming in with a scope. Apex's performance and stability have improved greatly since its debut, however—at least until the latest event.