Purchases and crafting discounts for Apex’s Anniversary event are now available

Thank you, Respawn.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans can finally get their hands on the Anniversary Collection Event loot.

After a “configuration error” halted the release of event items, according to lead designer Chin Xiang Chong, the cosmetics should now be available for purchase. And the bug that prevented players from receiving a 50-percent crafting cost discount on event items has also been fixed.

Players that crafted skins before the discount was live can submit a support ticket, director of communications Ryan K. Rigney said.

Respawn initially disabled the purchase of packs and collection items because some players were able to access the event store early, according to data miner Shrugtal. This prevented fans from crafting or buying event items. But players should now be able to open their wallets and get a head start on snagging those coveted heirloom shards.

Unique to this event, players will earn 150 heirloom shards once they unlock all the collection’s cosmetics. Instead of only being offered a legend-specific heirloom, fans can get the shards needed to craft the melee weapon of their choice.

The event’s reward track includes 22 earnable items and free loot simply for logging in during the event. Fans can also enjoy the Locked and Loaded playlist takeover.

Apex‘s Anniversary Collection Event will run until Feb. 23.