Pathfinder player wins a match after pretending to be a MRVN in Apex Legends

Despite a handful of Bloodhound scans.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Deception is one of the most powerful weapons in Apex Legends—even if you’re not Mirage. A squad recently got a win in the Apex Games by tricking their enemies into believing their Pathfinder player was actually one of the several harmless MRVN units in Olympus.

A player shared footage of an Apex win earned through sheer deception and a hint of third partying. The lone Pathfinder player tricked four enemy squads into believing he was a MRVN—even after having his shield broken and following multiple Bloodhound scans.

The solo player managed to outlive three other squads who engaged in fast-paced combat in the final circles of a match. Outgunned by a series of other two-man squads due to losing a teammate, Pathfinder tried to blend into the surroundings to avoid the brunt of the action.

His strategy clearly worked. A Bloodhound disengaged mid-ultimate after cracking his shields—a red flag in itself since MRVN units don’t have shields—and Pathfinder kept up the illusion long enough to sneak up on the last two enemies during a revive to get the win.

The MRVN bamboozle can only take place in Olympus since Apex‘s latest map houses a series of MRVNs around the arena. Players started tricking their enemies when the map first launched, with Pathfinder taking the place of a lone MRVN unit in Hammond Labs. The Fight Night event, however, added a plethora of loot-dropping robots spread out across the map—and a handful of potential hiding spots.

MRVN (Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity) units appeared as peaceful robotic assistants in the Titanfall franchise and made their way to Apex with Olympus. Pathfinder is a modified MRVN with a slightly similar chassis—and apparently, the similarities are enough to trick several squads.