Notorious Apex leaker can apparently boot players from games, put them in new servers

There's leaking content, and then there's whatever this is.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If you’ve kept up with leaks in Apex Legends, you’ve most likely seen the name “AG420.” They are the account tied to the biggest Apex leaks over the past year or so, including the huge future character leak before season 13, a leak of the newest battle royale map that seems to be coming to the game, and before that, leaked footage of Storm Point gameplay before its release.

The leaks that come from AG420 have been overwhelmingly accurate, but they also have a poor reputation in the community. The full-length version of the AG420 handle is bad enough, and dataminers like KralRindo have accused the person behind the AG420 account of placing KralRindo’s name as a watermark on some leaks and subsequently getting KralRindo in trouble with EA. 

Now, it looks like AG420, or someone using a very similar tag, has the ability to remove players from the lobbies they’re playing in and place those players in any other lobby, including those being run by AG420.

Poland-based streamer Camms was streaming herself playing pubs on Storm Point recently when her game seemed to crash, switching to a loading screen at random. Instead of freezing up or sending her back to the main menu, the game instead loaded up The Firing Range, where another user was already there, waiting, with a familiar username.

“Owned,” the other player typed in chat, implying that this wasn’t a random bug. They had brought Camms to the Firing Range themselves.

The idea that one user can just pluck any player in the game from their games and plop them down somewhere else is a major security breach. In the past, AG420’s security breaches have all been leaked content for the game. If this is indeed the same account as the one leaking info, going into other players’ games at will is a new level of invasive.

Given just how powerless Respawn and EA have seemed in stopping the flow of leaks from AG420 in the past, it’s not clear if they can stop this sort of thing from happening again. And if it’s not dealt with, it can very quickly turn into a much larger issue for the game.