New Apex map changes hint at Wraith’s Town Takeover

The Interdimensional Skirmisher is taking over.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn revealed the Apex Legends Event Structure Overview yesterday, which teased an early-September event that will focus on a “Phase Expert.” Minor changes made on the map hint that another Town Takeover may be coming soon.

Apex theorist FrozenFroh shared the map changes in a Reddit post, which shows seven construction flags appearing in the Shattered Forest.

The construction flags circle the compound above Hydro Dam, which hints that this may be the next Town Takeover location for Wraith.

Warning signs were also added to the Shattered Forest, asking passersby to stay out and that the area is being “patrolled by contractors.”

Image via u/FrozenFroh

FrozenFroh believes this supports Wraith’s lore, who was imprisoned in a detention facility for the mentally ill with no memory of her life before.

“I want to bet it’s gonna be an excavation zone/even bigger research place since it’s expanding Wraith’s lore and she mentioned ‘heavily guarded facilities underneath the arena’ in her story,” the theorist said. “It’s gonna be the phase experiment facilities.”

This would mark the second Town Takeover after the Iron Crown Collection Event changed a compound for Octane. In the adrenaline junkie’s town, launch pads littered the area with a ring of fire in the center.

Although Respawn hasn’t provided any additional information as to what the town will look like, an early-September release means Apex fans will soon find out.