Respawn writer gives insight into Mirage’s lore, says he plays piano for his mother to “help her sleep”

Respawn really knows how to tug at the heartstrings.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Mirage has truly captivated the hearts of Apex Legends players with his charm and wit. And now, fans got a bit more insight into his life.

Respawn senior writer Manny Hagopian explained today that the Holographic Trickster knows how to play only one song on the piano, “The Inch Worm,” by Frank Loesser. Mirage was taught the song by his mother when he was little.

“They used to play & sing it together, though it’s a bit harder nowadays,” Hagopian said. “He still plays it for her to help her sleep.”

An Easter egg placed on World’s Edge during the Mirage Voyage event suggests that the Holographic Trickster’s mom may suffer from Alzheimer’s disease since she forgot who her son was during a phone call. This brief snippet into Mirage’s life garnered tons of sympathy from Apex fans, who agree that his confident and happy persona is in place to hide his pain and sadness.

With his mother not in the right state of mind, Mirage likely tries to soothe her to sleep with the beautiful song.

“Inchworm measuring the marigolds, seems to me you’d stop and see how beautiful they are,” the song ends.

The lyrics can potentially symbolize the beautiful times Mirage and his mother shared, which should’ve been cherished since they’ve now come and gone.