Lifeline’s ultimate can turn into a death trap

Featuring the most dangerous architecture in the game: stairs.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since the beginning of Apex Legends, players have found ways to use certain character abilities in ways the developers probably didn’t intend. The way these abilities are used might not be useful, at least in the context of trying to win the game. But they are almost always fun, like Mad Maggie’s flying bowling alley.

This time around, we’ve got a trap featuring a character that doesn’t have any traps, seemingly: Lifeline.

Reddit user Cokaconda showed off a new trap Lifeline can set, seemingly at the cost of her own life, just outside of Labs on Kings Canyon. The key is Lifeline’s ultimate care package, which becomes a permanent feature on the map for the rest of the game after it drops. That means you can use the care package for cover from an enemy team’s bullets. Or, you know, you can try to trap people under some stairs with it.

Cokaconda’s trap does involve them dying, and since they dropped into this match solo, the ensuing confusion and death only benefit the fortunate team that finds the trapped players. But there’s still the satisfaction that comes from spectating the unlucky team under the stairs, slowly realizing that their thirst for loot has killed them. Trapped by some stairs and a care package, it’s all very “The Cask of Amontillado.”

May this be a lesson to all of you: Pay attention to those impending care package markers. It could save your life.