Leaked Apex Legends trailer shows new Bloodhound heirloom weapon

A leaked trailer for the Iron Crown Collection Event shows all the new content releasing today.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection Event starts today at 12pm CT. It promises new skins, game modes, and an heirloom weapon—and a leaked trailer shows it all.

One Apex fan tweeted the leaked trailer, which Respawn likely intended to release when the event goes live later today.


The cinematic includes a lot of the content that Respawn teased already. It does, however, showcase new cosmetics, information on event modes, and a new heirloom weapon.

One of the new cosmetics is the legendary Call to Arms Gibraltar skin, which trades the gentle giant’s heavy armor with a sleeveless tunic, cornrows, face paint, and a winged decal on his back.

A legendary Wattson skin called The Warrior Empress also makes an appearance. Wattson dons blue and red armor, as well as a plumed helmet.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

A new Town Takeover mode was also teased, which seems to replace the area between Thunderdome and Airbase with a dare devil’s dream. Ramps, jump pads, and an aerial ring of fire litter the stage while players duke it out in what looks like a free-for-all.

The trailer ends by teasing the long-awaited heirloom weapon for Bloodhound. The heirloom axe features a raven with glowing red eyes attached to the head of the weapon.

The only previous heirloom weapon was Wraith’s knife, which comes in a pack that also contains a legendary pose and banner for the character. Bloodhound’s heirloom will most likely be accompanied by two legendary banner cosmetics as well.

The trailer also teased a Bonus XP Weekend, running for Aug. 16 to 18, and additional loot packs that seem designed with the Iron Crown Collection theme in mind.

Apex fans can snag all of this exciting content and more at 12pm CT today.