Latest Caustic teaser shows that the Water Treatment plant in Kings Canyon is under new management

The Toxic Trapper is up to no good.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Caustic’s grand experiment could be coming to a close. A new Apex Legends teaser shows that the Water Treatment plant in Kings Canyon is under new management—and it’s related to Dr. Nox himself.

The scientist wanted to refine a newly uncovered toxin below Kings Canyon in previous audio logs and he might as well have found the tools to do it. The Water Treatment facility in Kings Canyon shows an “under new management” sign.

The sign could hint at future changes coming to the POI, likely in a new collection event. Respawn usually hosts events around the halfway point of a season and the next one could bring changes to the Water Treatment plant.

Caustic directly hinted at the Water Treatment plant in a previous audio log. “The water treatment facility will not purify this toxic spill,” he said. “If I could convince them that I could handle it... well, that would open some real possibilities.”

The toxic spill is a product of the crash in the season eight launch trailer. The leaked fuel from the ceremony ship ignited gas pockets below the surface and created “a gargantuan supply of toxin” that Caustic aims to refine, he said in an audio log. In addition to the message, players could spot a canister of an undisclosed biohazardous substance close to the device.

In a subsequent message, Caustic said the best way to test his new toxin would be on human subjects. “Luckily, there's an ample supply of lab rats right here,” he said.

Combining all the bits of these messages, players can guess that Caustic is planning something and it's not going to be pleasant. But based on Respawn's usual schedule, fans may not have to wait much longer to see what it is.

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