Kings Canyon will return to Apex Legends this weekend ahead of the ranked split

The first arena is making an early comeback.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Nostalgic Apex Legends fans can jump into Kings Canyon starting tomorrow. Respawn revealed that the season two version of Kings Canyon is making an early return before the ranked split.

Players can dive into the arena between March 20 and 23. The season two version of Kings Canyon features some changes compared to its original state. Cascades was the target of major destruction and a new area known as The Cage was added. Leviathans also prowl the map, ready to stomp on unsuspecting combatants.

The limited-time mode will serve as a warm-up for the next half of the Ranked Series. Competitive matches in season four will be divided in two splits, each taking up half of the season. The first split takes place in a cataclysmic version of World’s Edge after Hammond Robotics introduced its Planet Harvester. The second half of the season kicks off on March 24 and will be hosted in Kings Canyon. It’s the first time Apex has added two maps in the same series.

The limited-time mode will probably feature Kings Canyon as it was last available for play. It should include Labs, a special area added for Wraith’s Town Takeover with the Voidwalker event. The same version of the map hosted the second week of the Déjà Loot as part of Apex’s System Override event. It’s unclear if the ranked split will be played in the season two version of Kings Canyon or if the map is getting another overhaul.

Some players weren’t surprised by the news of Kings Canyon’s comeback. Data miner Shrugtal revealed that the arena would become available shortly before the ranked split, according to hints in the game files.