How to watch Twitch Rivals Apex Legends at TwitchCon 2019

Almost $100,000 is on the line.

Image via Twitch

The third and final day of Twitch Rivals: TwitchCon features Apex Legends on Sept. 29.

Six winning teams from the Road to TwitchCon will face off against four stream teams for a portion of the $95,000 prize pool. The roster of streaming personalities includes Coby “Dizzy” Meadows, TSM’s Colton “Viss” Visser, and Gale Adelade.

The stream teams will rotate every six matches. Group A will play in the morning, while Group B competes in the afternoon. Prizes will be available for each individual match and the prize pool will be distributed based on a placement and elimination point system.


  • Team size: Three players
  • The tournament will be broken up into two groups. Group A will play in the morning and Group B will play in the afternoon.
  • The Road to TwitchCon and stream teams will play six games in their group. The remaining teams will compete in three games.
  • Each game will have prizing based on placements and eliminations. The Road to TwitchCon and creator teams will have an additional prize pool based on how they performed compared to the other teams.


Prizing (per game)

First place$5,000
Second place$1,500
Third place$750
Eliminate bounty team$1,000

Prizing (bounty teams)

First place$30,000
Second place$21,000
Third place$18,000
Fourth place$12,000
Fifth place$6,000
Most eliminations$2,500


DateTime (CT)Event
Sept. 2911:00amWave one
Sept. 291:00pmWave two
Sept. 293:00pmWave three
Sept. 295:00pmWave four

Where to watch the event

The event will be available to watch on the official Twitch Rivals broadcast, as well as on each of the streamer’s Twitch channels.