How to earn Twitch drops from watching the ALGS Stockholm LAN

A Flatline skin and a new outfit for Horizon are among the rewards available for those who tune in.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The $1 million prize pool ALGS Stockholm LAN starts Friday, April 29, and viewers can earn rewards for watching the action on Twitch with in-game cosmetics when they tune into the finals on Sunday, May 1. The finals of the largest tournament in Apex Legends esports to date will be broadcast on Twitch on the official Apex account starting at 9am CT on May 1.

Fans who haven’t already done so will need to link their Twitch and EA account to receive any rewards in game. The EA website has instructions for anyone who needs help setting it up.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Once the accounts are connected and viewers are signed into Twitch, items will be automatically awarded to fans as they watch.

A mere 15 minutes of viewing nets players the Global Series holospray. One hour of viewing gifts the Jeweled Night Flatline skin, two hours the Ornamental Orbit Horizon skin, and three hours the Glory Within gun charm.

It’s possible to check progress toward receiving any of these items on Twitch. Finally, the Multiview feature of the official Apex account means fans don’t have to watch the main broadcast to earn the items but can choose from a wide variety of streams that are showing the event.