How to earn Apex’s free Jumpmaster weapon charm

"You are the Jumpmaster."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players can earn a little gift today, courtesy of Respawn.

Respawn unveiled the Jumpmaster weapon charm today, allowing players to decorate their guns with a cosmetic that reads “you are jumpmaster.” And with season 10: Emergence just around the corner, fans can get a new trinket to drop into the Games with.

Here’s how to earn the Jumpmaster weapon charm for free.

Respawn is set to premiere the season 10: Emergence launch trailer during the EA Play Live today, giving players a first look at all the upcoming content. To unlock the new weapon charm, fans simply have to tune in at 12pm CT on the EA Twitch channel. But fans need to make sure their Twitch and EA accounts are linked.

To connect your Twitch account to your EA account, fans can follow this link that asks you to sign in to your Twitch account. You’ll then be asked for authorization to link both accounts together, so make sure you’re logging into the account that you want rewards for. Fans can also go on Twitch, click settings, and click on the “connections” tab to manage their connected accounts and services. Your EA connection should be on the bottom of the page, under the “other connections” category.

Today’s Emergence launch trailer will likely provide more insight into Apex’s upcoming legend Seer, as well as the World’s Edge changes.