Gibraltar may headline the first Town Takeover in Apex Legends season 4

"You got it, brudda."

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It seems like everybody’s favorite big guy may finally get his 15 seconds of fame.

With a new Apex Legends season comes tons of files to mine and well-known data miner That1MiningGuy certainly took advantage of it. The data miner scoured through the battle royale’s files today and found a potential season four event headlined by Gibraltar.

“Looking like maybe the first event will have something to do with our big beefy buffed to the sky buddy Gibraltar,” That1MiningGuy said.

The data miner highlighted several files that contain “s04e01,” hinting at the first event of season four. A Gibraltar legendary skin is referenced several times as well. But with Gibby not receiving any legendary cosmetics in the Battle Pass, that skin would likely come from a new event.

Though Apex fans have enjoyed Town Takeovers for Octane, Wraith, and Mirage, Gibraltar has yet to receive one. It’s unclear where the event would take place or what the theme would be, but a legendary skin is definitely worth the wait.

This information should be taken with a grain of salt, however, since Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of it yet.

Players eager to jump into the season four action can do it now—Assimilation is live.