Future Perfect win final day of their EMEA Pro League lobby

But rivals 69iQ and Guild pick up bigger checks.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Future Perfect won their lobby on the final day of EMEA Pro League play today. Their performance earned them the sixth place in the league standings and a $6,000 check.

More consistent teams throughout Pro League got bigger paydays, though: Guild Esports earned a $12,500 check with a third-place finish in the overall league, just a few points behind EMEA juggernauts Gambit and Alliance. And 69iQ Esports got fourth place and $10,500.

Defending ALGS champions SCARZ hung onto their top 20 spot, finishing in an underwhelming 14th but earning a Playoffs berth. Not every talented team was so lucky. The Russian LAN heroes 789 failed to qualify, ending up just outside the points cutoff. And the popular SoloQGoats finished in 33rd out of 40 teams in the Pro League. That dismal performance means they’ll have to go through open qualifiers again to get back into the top tier of Apex.

Game one of the competition ended outside The Dome, where Rebel, MajorPushers, and Nemesis made the top three. Rebel fell first and Nemesis took MajorPushers down to one player. Nemesis, however, couldn’t reach their last enemy, who was safely behind the sheer wall of The Dome, and the team died to the zone. While they finished in second, they got 14 kills, putting them in first place overall over MajorPushers. 

Nemesis absolutely needed to perform well today to earn a spot in the modified regional Playoffs. While they couldn’t qualify, they avoided relegation from the Pro League at least.

Kungarna notched a win in game two. They stayed under the radar while 69iQ and FiGVam fought each other, then swooped in to clean up weakened enemies. Kungarna started the day in 20th place in the overall standings, in imminent danger of missing the Playoffs, but that win allowed them some crucial breathing room. Runners up FiGVam picked up 16 kills and earned 25 points overall, earning more than the winners. FiGVam started the day in 30th place and in danger of relegation. Their solid performance today led to up to 24th place and let them keep their spot in Pro League.

Game three went into a Harvester ending. Future Perfect had great positioning in the final circle, on high ground with the zone at their back. They controlled a big chunk of important real estate and got easy shots on opponents, winning with 15 kills for a massive 27-point game. YungMoneyGuild got second.

Game four went to YungMoneyGuild, who built on the momentum from game three. With those results, YungMoneyGuild was well on their way to avoiding relegation, after they’d earned just one point over five days of Pro League play.

Going into game five, Future Perfect led the pack, with YungMoneyGuild in second and the talented Kungarna squad in third. YungMoneyGuild outlasted nearly everyone going into game five’s Fragment East finale, but they were outgunned by winners 69iQ as the last circle closed in. That left the overall standings unchanged, with leaders Future Perfect more than 10 points ahead of second-place YungMoneyGuild.

Myztro Gaming, who started the day third place overall and in contention for the $30,000 prize for first place in the league, went into their final game of Pro League in dead last. They ended up in seventh place and with a $6,000 check, but could have done a lot more with a stronger showing today.

In game six, defending ALGS champions SCARZ, 789, and Myztro Gaming all lasted into a Thermal Station endgame. Although SCARZ and 789 seemed to have better positioning, Myztro outgunned both teams and held on for a 27-point win.

But it made no difference. That final game didn’t change the top of the field. Future Perfect took first. YungMoneyGuild hung onto second place, but that wasn’t enough to earn them a spot in the regional Playoffs, or any cash for all their hard work. However, teams that came up short will have another chance at a big payday during the second split of the Pro League, which starts in February 2022.