Fuse gets electrifying Heirloom in Apex’s upcoming Harbingers collection event

Shred the strings and your foes.

Apex Legends' Fuse is standing atop a cliff in front of the sunlight, facing away from the camera. He is playing a guitar.
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Season 18 is in full swing in Apex Legends, and a second collection event is on the horizon in the wake of the conclusion to the 2023 ALGS Championship that took place just last week.

Announced today, the Apex Harbingers collection event dives deeper into season 18’s thematic obsession with the macabre, adding a suite of skins for a variety of legends that take inspiration in large part from the Egyptian Pantheon. To top it all off, Harbingers also finally brings Fuse’s Heirloom to life—an electric guitar that can produce fire in both figurative and literal ways. The event is set to start next week on Sept. 19 and run through Oct. 3.

As with collection events that have come before it, the swath of cosmetic additions is accompanied by both a limited-time game mode and an “after dark” twist on World’s Edge for that game mode to take place on. “Living Shell Trios” is a new limited-time mode for season 18 that adds a new ordnance to the sandbox called Rev Shells. As the name implies, these grenades are modeled after Revenant’s head and have a target-seeking functionality after being thrown. That sounds scary on paper, but your opponents can destroy them in mid-air to save themselves from suffering the significant damage they can do.

When it comes to the cosmetics themselves, the standard total 24 limited-time items will be available in the Harbingers event store. There are legendary skins on offer for legends such as Seer, Bloodhound, and Bangalore that are sure to turn some heads, and acquiring all 24 of the available cosmetics will grant Apex players instant access to Fuse’s Heirloom: the Razor’s Edge.

There’s no item capable of caving in an opponent’s skull more befitting of Fuse than a rockstar’s guitar modified for combat, and that’s exactly what Fuse’s Heirloom provides.

Even if your wardrobe is less of a priority when you boot up Apex, Harbingers has you covered with a list of hefty adjustments to a few notable legends that could shake things up. Horizon’s ever-potent Gravity Lift ability is once again being hit with a round of nerfs, this time to weapon accuracy while using the lift, the speed of a player’s vertical ascension, and to the amount of time a player can hover at the top of the lift for.

Fuse and Rampart received some small improvements to their Knuckle Cluster and Amped Cover deployment speeds respectively, and the newly reworked Revenant is getting his Forged Shadows ability tuned down slightly with a reduction in the time extension provided by knocks.

The Harbingers collection event will be live in Apex Legends at weekly reset on Tuesday, Sept. 19. Both its limited-time mode and skins are then going to be available for two weeks in total until the sun sets on the event on Oct. 3.


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