Fnatic N1KOLA reveals new wall jump technique in Apex Legends

Find out how to hit that split-second wall jump.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Nikola “N1KOLA” Svensson, a professional player for Fnatic’s Apex Legends team, shared an advanced wall jump technique with the community today.

In the clip, N1KOLA runs parallel to a wall for a split second before jumping off of it to propel himself to a nearby ledge. N1KOLA tells fans that he’s been practicing the wall jump technique for the last couple of weeks and he believes he’s figured it out.

“It basically lets you get a maximum velocity wall jump without having to actually run and build up a lot of momentum,” N1KOLA said.

For Apex fans eager to try this neat trick out, the pro also posted a tutorial that outlines exactly how to land it.

N1KOLA begins by explaining the rudimentary wall jump, which you can do by slide jumping at a wall and pressing the jump key again at the highest point of your trajectory.

Players also need to know how to wall jump by strafing in and out of the wall. Players can do this by running parallel to a wall then slide jump and strafe toward the wall. Once you hit the wall, you strafe and jump away from it, giving you more momentum.

Once players have those two skills mastered, players can learn N1KOLA’s advanced technique. To complete it, players need to crouch jump after sprinting for less than a second and use the same strafing technique from the second wall jump.

“You can go from pretty much standing still to get a maximum velocity wall jump almost instantly,” N1KOLA said. “I would highly recommend that players take their time to learn it and practice it because eventually it will be a mechanic that will be very very fundamental.”

Players in high-level lobbies use wall jumping techniques for various reasons, like adjusting position to get the upper hand or to escape a sticky situation in a pinch. Even though the techniques are difficult to learn, players who put in the time and effort will see an immediate jump in skill.

N1KOLA encourages fans who have any questions to visit his Twitch channel, where he’s usually live every day.