Fans compare $20 Apex Legends skin to Fortnite and League of Legends cosmetics

Is a $20 skin in Apex really worth it compared to other battle royale titles?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Microtransactions have been a hot topic in the gaming industry with titles like Fortnite earning well over $1 billion. While some fans are quick to drop cash on the latest in-game cosmetics like a pair of Jordans, others make sure they’re getting the best bang for their buck.

Games like Fortnite allow players to purchase skins, weapon wraps, gliders, and more that can be used across all characters. Players can mix different cosmetics to match their own personality, but other games like Apex Legends are a bit more strict.

While players in Apex can spend $20 on a character skin, it can only be used on one specific legend. There are 10 different legends in the game at this time.

A Reddit user posted a graphic on the Apex subreddit today showing the difference in a $20 skin purchase in Fortnite, Apex, and League of Legends.

Players who purchase any skin in Fortnite will be able to see the character model from the back since the game is played in the third-person perspective. A skin in Apex will only show players the character’s hands in-game, however.

League seems to offer the best deal, though. A $20 League skin purchase includes a 360 third-person degree view, portrait, character voice line, banner, animation, and ability effects.

Respawn and EA have been under fire from Apex fans after the prices for Fight or Fright event cosmetics were announced because they appear to be overpriced again. The companies may have to change some aspect of their approach to Apex cosmetics to avoid adding more fuel to the fire.