Fan discovers new Wraith exploit in Apex Legends

Respawn didn’t catch all of them.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

After Wraith exploits were plaguing Apex Legends for months, Respawn finally patched them all out⁠—well, almost all of them.

One Apex fan posted a video today that highlights another Wraith exploit, breaking down exactly how to use the glitch and where it may prove helpful.

The fan explains that all of Wraith’s previous exploits were done by cancelling the animation on her Into the Void (Q) tactical ability. So he tested different ways to reset the animation and discovered a new bug.

“This glitch allows you to reset your Q at the top of a redeploy balloon,” the fan said. “I go to the top, I hit my Q, and I make sure I’m in the animation a decent amount of time. And when I land, I can use my Q again instantly.”

Being shot out of the balloon cancels Wraith’s Q animation and allows her to use it again when she lands on the ground.

Although the fan claims that the glitch is mostly useless, he explains that it might be able to save your life when the ring is closing. Players can go invincible by phasing out while climbing the balloon, avoiding any ring damage. Then when they land, players can use the Q again to minimize the amount of damage taken.

Respawn hasn’t addressed the glitch yet. But if it adversely affects the state of the game, it’ll likely get fixed in the next patch.