Fan artist creates awesome 100 Thieves Apex Legends skins

100T returned to Apex on Oct. 8.

Image via 100 Thieves

To celebrate 100 Thieves’ recent competitive Apex Legends announcement, one fan made some epic team-themed skin recolors.

The skins, created by fan artist rascaol, feature 100 Thieves’ signature red, black, and white team colors and the very recognizable 100T logo. There are four skins in total: one for Valkyrie, one for Octane, and two for Bloodhound that feature different colorways.

Each skin has its own little details, like the red and white Vs on Valkyrie’s skin, the belt that says “Thieves – Octrain” on Octane’s skin, and the print on the shoulder pads of Bloodhound’s skin. In a comment alongside the skins, rascaol said he’s excited to see the future of 100 Thieves’ Apex team. In addition to these skins, he’s also created a variety of other fan skins for Apex, including custom skins and recolors for Crypto, Wraith, and Lifeline.

Organizations have been snapping up professional Apex players and content creators with vigor recently, as evidenced by TSM’s signing of Nokokopuffs to its roster of content creators. 100 Thieves announced last week that it’s re-entering the world of competitive Apex with the addition of ALGS North American champions Scuwry, Onmuu, and Vein to its roster.

The organization hasn’t competed in professional Apex since 2019, so fans and players alike are interested to see what the future holds for this championship team. In addition to fielding a squad in the competitive scene, 100T recently welcomed NiceWigg to its content creation team, proving that it plans to enlarge its role in the world of Apex.