Day one Apex players may receive heirlooms in season 13, according to fan calculations

It's almost time for that coveted shard drop.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If you’ve been playing Apex Legends since its release and have diligently completed all of the battle passes, you might be in for a mythic-level treat in season 13.

Players who have been playing since the game launched and who have participated in all of the events and battle passes might be able to expect that coveted 500th Apex Pack in the upcoming season, according to Reddit user anthonyplay, who posed a lengthy explanation to the Apex subreddit.

Anthonyplay used the Apex Packs Calculator to determine how long a player would need to play to reach an heirloom without buying any additional packs. (But to reach their estimated numbers, players will need to have purchased and completed the premium battle pass for each season.) Reaching level 500, completing every battle pass, and receiving every single free pack that was available during Anniversary events, flash events, and legend-specific events results in a rough total of 480 to 490 packs so far, according to the calculator. Each season contains roughly 25 Apex Packs over the course of its battle pass and treasure packs, so players who have followed the script but have yet to receive an heirloom will likely receive one during season 13.

Some players may even be further along than the calculator predicts. In response to a comment, anthonyplay shared that the calculator hasn’t been updated to include the packs that were given away as part of season 12 events, so diligent players could get their shards right at the beginning of season 13 rather than having to wait until they’re further along in the battle pass.

“The old joke we all told ourselves about getting 500 packs comes true in season 13,” anthonyplay said at the end of the post.